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Conan Neutron
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Conan Neutron What a fantastic band. Operating in the space around some elements of Unwound and Paul Newman, Ghost to Atom put forth a challenging sound without ever sounding trite or contrived. A band that should have found a bigger audience and deserved more things. A hint of prog with well placed post-punk fury. This is well worth your time. Favorite track: Homeland.
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Recorded and mixed by Ghost To Atom at NLR Studios, El Cerrito CA, in the year 2010. Mastered by Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog, Los Angeles CA.

Photography by Augusto Starita © 2004. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.


released February 24, 2011


all rights reserved



Ghost To Atom Oakland, California

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Track Name: Homeland
homeland, divine city arise
chosen to free and civilize
with absolutes and party lines
it's alright, it's your right

you can work so hard to get back
divine rights and the pass of privilege
to make the case for surprise attack
you can falsify deny after the fact

homeland you are the blinding light
broadcast from every satellite
with soaked rags and hidden wires
the terrified are mollified

you can try so hard to forget
those who stood in the way of progress
to medicate the pains of conscience

with or against us
god and dichotomy
neither here nor there
god and dichotomy
Track Name: Deconstruct
Take this heart away
Secure your hands, hide your eyes
Then you're on your way
To construct your life

You were everything
And fate was just a function
Of unknown quantities
We'll deconstruct the lines

And I’ll defy to forfeit.

May this heart obey
May a million pulses
Say what i can't say
So we might simplify

And I'll defy to forfeit.

Head line
Heart line
Fate line
Flat line
Track Name: Free Body Diagram
A girl is suspended motionless from the ceiling by two ropes.
A photo album lies on a wooden table with uneven legs.
Outside a hatchling falls from a nest 100 feet up in the branches of an old coast redwood.
A rifle is suspended by a strap across a young man’s back
And a young boy sits on a flat surface pulled by an unseen rope.
A man jumps from a 200 foot cantilever bridge at the place where two men walked hand in hand.
The prisoner stands naked in a cold cell.
She lies on a stranger’s bed in an unfamiliar town
A young woman sits on a bench as a man weeps at the pulpit.
A man lies on an inclined board, his arms and legs bound, his face covered with wet rags.
She hates the situation, not the people.
He takes a deep, labored breath at dawn thinking about what he once did.
She lays her head on his shoulder and cries.

Consider the magnitude of all relevant forces acting on each and every object.
Track Name: Hives
Cumbersome Maps, capitalize speeding
Fix forty firefighters floating on freedom
Read to impress, duress to feed
Fix forty firefighters fleeing a scene
Reach in to duck, handle all calls with luck
Fix forty firefighters dreaming of treason
Rail a cause, find your belief
Fix forty firefighters faulting all reason

Cameras fight the most sensitive information
You and I, we used to do it all the time
Delay, reverse, program our traveling
True to the word you’re standing for everything
Cameras fight the most gifted of emotions
You and I, we used to call it negotiating
Session our transgressions, cram our irritations
Find forty firefighters to handle our past sins

Top notch free you would be
Sacked up plot cop on top
I have no kind of fight
Creation… Disconnect

Building is easy, I’m not surprised
Just a few weeks ago plotting and planning were brilliant ideas
Building and destroying, creating and dismantling
Fabricating, eradicating, assembling, aborting, freeing, suppressing

Half is not a size, blood is not a right
I am not surprised that you would not sell

Clip cognitive qualified recognition servicing inside fuses towers paradise coated transit resin side reduce risk electric serviceable replace parts shock changing supply cord disconnect rating pouring speech gone fight personnel
Track Name: Subzero
Through frozen earth
We dug our way
A barren world
A failed state

Look away
Status quo

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