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by Ghost To Atom

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Recorded and mixed by Ian Pellicci at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco. Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE mastering in the Spring and Fall of 2008.


released May 7, 2009


all rights reserved



Ghost To Atom Oakland, California

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Track Name: String Theory
alternate ending to the beginning
i turned everything around and upside down
preachers of practice creatures of habit flock to defend the paradigm
even with the sacred sum in my opinion there is more to come
have faith to fathom delay reaction
all things end in due time
i see a new disaster i want to tell you all things eventually divide
teachers and texts succumb to counterinstance
there is more than one visual, ritual, virtual theory
leaders and the rest succumb to blank tradition, there is more than one visual, ritual, virtual theory
Track Name: Missing Persons Report
I kept watch as the candle burned
Soon the tides and seasons turned
She said I won’t leave till you want me to leave
I know there’s a pattern in the manner she exits the scene
If only one million dollars would buy your release
I saw your picture today
I lost my way yesterday
Now I’m just standing in place
I walked into an empty room
I whispered words and familiar tunes
Outside sirens bend into sinister keys
Down the street authorities remain
Ready willing and able
Ready to input process and repeat
Track Name: Ground Truth
This is the calm before we’re not afraid
These are the walls we built now none remain
This is the sound of my heart beating in code
To a singular note
And now it breaks
Anvil to ground
Hidden from view
I don’t know how
Nobody knew
Track Name: Time Traveler
time waits for me. the future’s nothing new
and then i learned not to fear
and burn down bridges to a bitter time.
i showed them how to heal sickness even death
and then i learned how to kill without consequence
revenge is mine and time is on my side.
Track Name: Popular Belief
now i see that contrary to popular belief
the most corrupt, the fullest cup.
i don’t mean to interrupt.
Track Name: Long National Nightmare
National nightmare.
Track Name: Eliot
this is a test of confidence with the results we intend to measure your reliance
i took the remains from the sale of your estate and fed them to the lions
we are the hollow men indicted and groomed to be the next providers
i searched the place and i burned at the stake the effigies and idols
oh martyr without reason or a follower
this is the best performance that we’ve ever witnessed including saints and soldiers
i could have left but i sent them you instead. the curse is i grow older
oh martyr, without reason or followers
Track Name: Keys To Modern Living
Are you awake are you in reverse
Tomorrow’s today and the ending first
Thoughts rearrange into random words
And heartbeats refrain as I count backwards
The world doesn’t end if I can pretend
That my end is a part of your start.
If I turn away will the earth stand still
If I turn the page will the words disappear
Will autumn wait for another day
To pass into winter and white to gray
Of all the days
The carefully placed picture frames
Now there’s only one

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